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Welcome to Action Zone's official website. The fact that you are reading this suggests that you liked what you heard on myspace (or more likely you are one of my friends). The music player to the right vends some classic songs as well as a few rare unreleased tracks from the mercurial alternative rockers/whiney one-man-band. For the hardcore fan, official Action Zone T-shirts can be printed on request.
How Does it Work?
While fiddling with the music player from my myspace page I came across several free flash music players on the internet that can play mp3 files. I chose this one from Premium Beat and uploaded my music files to the rather dubiously named File Den, which despite the images its name conjures up works rather nicely. It's completely free and has a maximum file size limit of 50 MB!
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Download Desktop Background Here!
This background has nothing to do with music, but in my humble opinion it is up there alongside the green field picture that comes with Windows XP as one of best desktop background images ever created. I strongly recommend that you download it for yourself!